The Brass Manor

Manor House Owner: Anoflagrus

The Brass Manor is a large home located on Pillar Lane in the Clerk’s. It belongs to none other than the famed Efreet, Anoflagrus the Consuming. The building is not, as it’s name implies, built of wholly brass but rather of various grades of metal making for a bizarre view as it etches its outline against the Sigilian sky. The exterior walls are stone, however, and they form a single interior courtyard which opens onto the other rooms of the Manor.

Anoflagrus is known for his opulent wealth and control of vast territories in the elemental plane of fire. Being an efreet, the house is designed with his comfort in mind. Most of the surfaces are kept to a pleasant scalding temperature, and nearly all of his servants are elementals or genasai. Invitation to the Brass Manor is rare and considered to be a treat by most local Sensates, as Anoflagrus has impeccable taste in all things inner-planar.

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The Brass Manor

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