Potent Protections

Security Shop Owner: Alfarabi the Enchanter

NOTE: Alfarabi the Enchanter was killed by the Taker Blackwell during a “routine” tax assessment. This shop is now closed and has been purchased by the Fated.

Potent Protections services the entire Clerk’s Ward, but those most in need of Alfarabi’s mighty magics live right nearby. Alfarabi the Enchanter and his staff (and hired priests, when he needs other types of magic) serve as protectors of the arcane sort. They enchant locks, windows, doors, and entire houses to keep them safe from intruders. The creation of golems and other devices of protection is not beyond Alfarabi, who maintains a small citadel in the deep ethereal just for that purpose (though he has also recently begun trading with Anoflagrus for bottled elemental spirits to instill in his creations).

Almost anyone, business or private, who lives within three blocks of Paper Street has paid Alfarabi to enchant portions of their houses or even just their lock boxes. Alfarabi’s services do not come cheap, though he does offer a minor lock improvement service for a one-time fee of fifty jink; this is his cheapest enchantment, and he will perform it on as many as ten locks for that fee. Other prices must be negotiated.

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Potent Protections

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