Paper Street Tea House

Tea House Owner: Zender Alfai Bill of Fare

The Paper Street Tea House is a holdout from when the neighborhood was better. It still serves the people who visit Salus’ Scrollworks and the businesses that are a bit further in the neighborhood. Most bodies think the Paper Street Tea House to be clinging to a vanishing past. Is owner, Zender Alfai, is no berk. He’s hired up a troupe of Mercykiller types to stand watch outside and make sure no crosstraders bother his customers. They don’t like the short leash he’s kept ’em on, (particularly Czarin, their gang-leader) on account of having to turn over thieves and the like to the Harmonium. They still generally rough em up a little.

The building itself is a two story structure of Arcadian granite with a pleasant garden growing out front in long clay containers that describe an outdoor eating and drinking area. The Red Death generally hang around this area. The inside is a pleasant shop with a hardwood floor permeated with the smell of sandalwood. Alfai is a sensate, and his vice of choice is tea – tea brewed from all kinds of leaves the multiverse over. He even maintains a well-clipped hedging of razorvine along the exterior of the building to brew his famous Razor-rose tea.

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Paper Street Tea House

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