The Hive Ward

Bleaker’s Run

A wide way just before the Gatehouse and Bleaker’s Bridge over the Ditch, the run is the best way from the edge of the Hive to Whisper Way and the goblin market as well as the primary highway between the Gatehouse and the Mortuary.

The Gatehouse

Last Gasp Alley / The Courtyard of Sorrow Resting

The narrow alleyway that encircles the outer walls of the Mortuary is known as Last Gasp. It ends on both sides at the Courtyard of Sorrow Resting where the gates to the Mortuary open up. There are a number of interesting places out on the Courtyard, not least of which being the Mortuary proper.

The Mortuary

The Slab of Forgotten Names

The Last Drink

Threadneedle Street

Damaron House

Fear Street

The very edge of the Hive Ward, Fear Street is still not a nice place to go after the light is gone. It runs slightly perpendicular to Paper Street in the Clerk’s, hooking into it at one end. The other end of Fear Street winds up curling into Rot Road.

The Trembling Kip

Pandemonium House

Rot Road

A short narrow street, Rot Road is the end point of the Sopping Alley and thus receives much of the sewage washed in that direction. It is always crawling with the homeless and destitute picking the various heaps of garbage that have been sluiced to this point.

The Bloom

Hungry Harold’s Chivs and Knives

The Sopping Alley

Constantly wet, some suspect the dark of the Sopping Alley is a portal to an unpleasant lower plane that lets water in. Whatever the reason, the Alley is a repository for garbage of all kinds by many Hivers, knowing that it will eventually get washed away (and most likely wind up at Rot Road).

The Tower

Darning Street

An almost pleasant little side-street, Darning Street is safe from most of the noise and hubbub of the rest of the Hive. This means it is a perfect place to be mugged, beaten, or killed.

Seedson’s House

The Temple of Tsai Shen Yeh

The Temple of Shangde

Darkling Street

The busy side of Darning Street opens onto Darkling (where the Temple of Shangde is located). This is a major thoroughfare in the Hive, and leads clear through to Arborea’s Drove and beyond.

Threecircle Lane

Threecircle Lane winds around the Serene Garden like a labyrinth. Many, lemons and planars alike, have gotten lost trying to find their way OFF of Threecircle, which knots in on itself over and over again, at some places crossing ITSELF.

The Serene Garden

Dead Man Walking

Arborea’s Drove

The Drove, as it is affectionately known, begins a few blocks from Threecircle and marks a region that has been inhabited by goblinoids of all kinds going back as far as three or four hundred years. A body’d do best not to say anything unkind about goblins in these parts. Most of the buildings near the Drove are in even poorer repair than those in the Hive in general.

The Goblin Market

The Scrape

The Scrape is a very narrow back alley that runs all the way up to the edge of Sigil where blank faces of stone gaze back in disapproval. A body really has to have hit the blinds to end up in the Scrape, which is where a lot of local criminals do their killings when someone’s failed to pay the music.

Cinderwind Road

Another small lane, Cinderwind is an offshoot of Threecircle. It moves switch-back up towards the Slags where it opens up into Ashbottom Square.

The Iron Spoon

The Black Pit

Ashbottom Square

A burned-out region which is part of the Slags, Ashbottom Square is mostly destroyed. Very few of the buildings have been replaced or rebuilt. The square is generally choked with more ash than can even be accounted for by the ruin of the slags, leading many to believe there is a portal to Ash somewhere nearby.

The Whistles and Bells

Depression Lane

Depression is a road that juts from Bleaker’s Run and makes a series of convoluted passages behind the Gatehouse near the Mortuary.

Blackwall Tavern

Blackbone Way

A street off of Depression which continues past the Ditch and joins up with the Mortuary’s Last Gasp Alley.

The Spider Temple of Lloth

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The Hive Ward

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