The Clerk's Ward

Causeway Lane

A few streets down from the Hall of Records runs this minor but important Clerk’s Ward street. Causeway Lane is named for the bridge that spans it down by Paper Street from Hyperion the Advocate‘s home and place of business to the Clerk’s Retreat atop the roof of The Ruby Spyglass.

Hesther’s Arms

The Inkwell

Clapbell’s Calamities (DEFUNCT)

Paper Street

Paper Street is a winding road that links up with Fear Street, which was once part of the Clerk’s Ward as well but now is firmly situated in the Hive. Paper Street is generally considered one of the worst parts of the Clerk’s, and nearly part of the Hive itself.

Paper Street Tea House

Salus’ Scrollworks

Sickle Street

So named for the half-moon shape the street describes, it is right off of Paper Street and thus in one of the less respectable portions of the Clerk’s. Sickle Street is a guarded area, locks and bars being as common here as on Paper Street.

Potent Protections


The Lyre

Pillar Lane

This road is inexplicably lined with tall sandstone pillars of a single design that boast lanterns (which the dabus appear to take the time to light every evening). No one really knows why they’re there, but no one can remember a time when they weren’t. The chants always flying that there’s some secret meaning or purpose, but most likely it’s just screed.

The Brass Manor

Fountain Way

So named for the hundreds of trickling, gushing, or pouring fountains that can be found up and down this street, it provides shelter for the homes of the wealthy. Many who aren’t Sensates visit the Civic Festhall for its events, and this is ground zero for acting troupes, musicians, and all other forms of such entertainment. A placid, tranquil, and well-patrolled environment, Fountain Way also has some of Sigil’s most concentrated amounts of greenery in the form of shrubs and small trees that are tended by the dabus in this area.

The Civic Festhall

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The Clerk's Ward

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