Trained at a monastery in Limbo, a Githzerai fighter who follows the creed of the Dustman.


Githzerai Fighter
Factor of the Dustmen
Lawful Neutral

HP: 1 / 10
AC: 1S/2P/3B [-1 with shield]
THAC0: 20

Level: 1
Experience: 430.75
Next Level: 2000.00

STR 15
DEX 19 3 reaction, +3 missile, -4 AC]
CON 11
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 14 [
1 loyalty base, +2 reaction adjust]

== Proficiencies ==

Lagnuages: Gith, Common, Gith Written, Common Written, Undercommon

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword, Dart, Sword-and-Shield Style
Nonproficiency Penalty: -2

Weapon Specialisation, Longsword (+1 to-hit, +2 damage)

Normal Attacks/Round: 1/1
Specialist Attacks/Round: 2/3

The Sword-and-Shield style allows you to bash with the shield as if it were an offhand weapon without losing its AC bonus. Note that this counts
as attacking with two weapons, so imposes a -2 penalty to hit with your weapon and a -4 penalty to hit with the shield bash. Your reaction
adjustment due to a high DEX offsets these penalties, so for Karath it is a -0 and -1 penalty respectively. A small shield deals 1d3 and knockdown
1d6, a medium shield deals 1d4 and knockdown 1d8, and a large shield deals 1d6 and knockdown 1d10.

Nonweapon Proficiencies:

Blind-Fighting [N/A] (only a -2 penalty to-hit in total obscurity, -1 in starlight/moonlight, no penalties to AC from darkness)
Endurance [CON] (capable of performing strenuous activity for twice as long – extreme endurance requires a prof. check)
Tracking [WIS] (you may track people at a base -6 penalty with various modifiers listed in the PHB)
Swimming [STR]
Blacksmithing [STR] (make tools and implements, but not weapons nor armour, from iron)

== Abilities ==

Dustman: Resurrection survival chances are halved.
Dustman: The Bead Truce causes undead to ignore me. Attacking or aiding someone to attack them breaks the pact and allows them to attack.

Movement speed of 15 (12 racial, +3 from dex reaction adjust)
Infravision to 60 feet.
Magic Resistance: 5% per level. (5%)

Githzerai magic resistance cannot be voluntarily lowered and applies to ALL magic. Furthermore, when a Githzerai first begins using a magic item,
they must check for magic resistance; if they resist its magic it will never function for them.

== Saving Throws ==

Paralyzation, Poison or Death: 14
Rod, Staff or Wand: 16
Petrification or Polymorph: 15
Breath Weapon: 17
Spell: 17

== Equipment ==

Weight: 39 lbs.
Movement Reductions: -1 at 55 lbs, -1 for each 10 lbs after

Worn, Wielded or Carried:

Arming Sword w/ Scabbard (1d8, speed 5, knockdown 1d8)
Studded Leather Armor (AC 5S/6P/7B)
Medium Shield (-1 AC vs. any number of frontal attacks, 1d4 bash, knockdown 1d8)
Clothing (belt, soft boots, breeches, tunic, common cloak)
Pouch of Darts x20 (1d3, ROF 3/1, 30/60/120)


wineskin (full of wine)
winter blanket
large belt pouch (240 gp, 4 sp, 3 cp)
dry rations, 1 week
flint and steel


Karath is a typical Githzerai. While he does not bulge with muscles as a human warrior might, he is sinuous and lean behind his armour. He stands
just above 6 feet tall, with rough and pitted flesh of a brown-yellow color and a thin, drawn face. His chin is clear of facial hair, and the
russet-colored hair upon his head is close-cropped and neatly maintained. Over his armour and weapons, he wears a hooded cloak. He appears severe,
smiling rarely and eschewing jewelry or bright colors. He speaks in as few words as possible, never using flowery language or waffling. Like most
Githzerai, Karath despises Illithids and Githyanki. Karath never speaks of his time on Limbo, wary of revealing something that could be used against
the Githzerai people.

Karath was born into the monastic tradition as many Githyanki are, trained as part of a band of Gith-attala to hunt down Githyanki, the enemies of
his race. Within the monastic tradition, he was taught the arts of warfare and started upon the path to inner enlightenment, coming to see himself
as a weapon to be wielded in the hands of right, though as time went on he became less and less aware of just what cause was worthy of serving. He
finally came to leave Limbo with his brothers, going to the City of Sigil to hunt down a group of Githyanki and avenge the Githzerai they slew. The
band was not prepared and woefully outmatched; Karath does not know if any of his brothers survived, for his courage and resolve broke that day, and
he fled the fray. Perhaps he could have found his way back to Limbo, but for whatever reason he chose to remain in Sigil.

Eventually, as any who dwell in Sigil, Karath found himself drawn to the Factions. For one such as him, still seeking a purpose in life, this was
especially significant. Eventually he latched onto the Dustmen with their creed, strangely analogous with his own; they taught that life and death
were meaningless states of existence, but that by eschewing emotion and desires the “True Death” can be obtained. Karath follows their creed in his
own way; he has set aside trying to decide upon good or wrong to achieve the True Death by becoming a weapon, plain and simple. The sword is not
responsible for the actions of its master, and he believes that by becoming nothing more or less than a weapon, he can achieve oblivion. As such,
his every action is focussed towards honing his skill with blade and bringing him closer to his ultimate ideal.


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