Anoflagrus, also known as Anoflagrus the Consuming, is an efreet who conquered a small swathe of the Elemental Plane of Fire and then journeyed to Sigil. He is owed much tribute as a prince of that realm, and it arrives in Sigil every so often, ostentatiously parading to his doorstep.

His personal philosophy is simple, and in line with that of the Fated (but also that of the Doomguard). The Multiverse exists to be consumed, and he, Anoflagrus, shall be the one who consumes most of it. It is, after all, what he deserves, having made himself strong enough to do so unopposed.

Many find Anoflagrus haughty and self-entitled. However, his command of wealth and inner-planar labor forces make him many friends.


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