Sit a while and listen to the latest chant; here, take a chair, sit down and stay a while. You got a few jink on you? No? Well, I’ll whistle a tune you like either way cutter, jus’ askin’ for the sake a’ me little ones. Tout? Nar, ye’ll find I’m a factotum. Ye might be surprised (or not) to learn I’m a Bleaker myself, but I’ll not try to deprive ye of yer misguided beliefs however ye may take ’em.

This here is my little book of my own, see, a way fer me ta organize my thoughts an’ whatnot on all the places I been. Now I ain’t claimin’ to know no planar mercenary company or nothin’; I’d best not even rattle my bone-box ‘bout the KNE Spiv. But look around a while. Ye’ll find somethin’ to yer likin’.

The Outermost Portal

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