Rodomn's spellbook


An awkward and strange metallic spell book owned by Rodomn. It is a thin metal box with a set of four of gears on the front. Depending on how these gears are adjusted, which pages is shown in the spellbook will change. When the gears are locked, the cover folds open to reveal the page written on a thin metal sheet beneath and on the underside of the cover. It was custom made for the Modron while studying magic with the Fraternity of Order on Mechanus exchange for certain services (such as being questioned and experimented on as a non-hostile Modron), and is likely quite unlike most classic spell books in the Planes.


Detect Magic

Discovery: This spell was acquired from my first encounter with the form of phenomena manipulation known as magic. I was exiled from at (Date to be Determined), and at (Date to be Determined) encountered a non-living human wizard, most likely due to massive trauma from falling between two gears which it had been assuredly been studying. Upon acquisition of his material possessions as they were no longer of use to it, the discovery of magic was made in investigating those books he carried with him, and this spell along with read magic as well.
Pregame Notes: My current level of experimentation with this spell has consisted of a small amount of copper coins enchanted with a simple magic aura for a minimal price. There after, I have placed the coin in different locations and measured their distance in order to accurately detect the current limitations associated with this spell

Maximum Distance: 60 feet
Maximum width of detection: 10 feet
Duration: 20 seconds
Current possible radius of inspection: 120 degrees
Interference: Unexamined due to financial constraints beyond interference between nonmagical and magical coins when mixed. when mixed with normal copper coins, there is a confounding effects upon which after a threshold of 1 coin in 6 being enchanted, it becomes nearly impossible at current levels to detect which is magic.

Discovery: This spell was acquired through the barter of coins for the copying of this spell into my spellbook between myself and a tiefling wizard. Its circumstances led him to sell spells out of its book to provide itself income. This service was appreciated.
Pregame Notes: A great deal of research was put into this spell after it was acquired due to the poorly defined law stated by the tiefling over it allowing for financial compensation for reaserch. A duration of a month was undertaken where small magical items were either obtained for the sake of identification or the service was offered, while others using the spell was covertly and non-covertly observed. However experiments were put to an abrupt stop due to the following observations.

1. Magical knowledge and experience exponentially increase understanding of this spell, thus it is more economically efficient to learn more about the identify spell than it is to practice it until greater understanding has been reached, this is further emphasized by the second requirement.

2. 8 hours are consumed in the purification of the object for identification, and 8 hours are required to recovery from the weakening after effects of the spell. This is accompanied by a material component cost estimated between 90-200 (currency).

As such the spell is to be researched, but no longer used except under circumstances where the laws demand so, due to complaints from those the service was offered too and extreme financial constraints.

Discovery: This spell was acquired upon circumstances that would not have been entered into if all the laws regarding the situation had been known. Upon entering an alleyway within the hive, a troll, a gnome, and a human were engaging in violence against an unknown fifth existence. The identification of the fifth individual was incomplete due to facial trauma and a lack of familarity with non-modron. As well, due to the frequent occurance of such events, it was determined that they are within the rules of the Hive. When I moved within proximity of the group, I was informed “If I would pay 30 (word unknown) to (unknown) this (unknown).” When informed this was not barter in which I gained anything, the fifth individual offered me to show me the light spell. At first, I was forced to refuse due to his profuse bleeding, but when the four other individuals assisted him by keeping him from spilling fluids , the exchange was made. It has since been understood that the spell was bought for several times the amount necessary, leading to the unfortunate rule breaking.
Pregame Notes: Due to the amount of vermin within the hive and their numerous forms and mutations, they provided a wide range of test subjects for the spell, while copper coins provided testing focuses for the spell. From these experiments, the following observations have been reached.

Duration: 1 minute
Area of Effect: 20 feet
Notes of interest: The spell can be stopped at any time by the caster.
Effects upon non-living non-light sensitive objects (Coins): When compared to torchlight and accounting for quality and make of torches, consistency within the current means of measurement was achieved between the two.
Effects upon living creatures: Same as non-living objects with the exception of light sensitive organs
Effects upon the light sensitive organs of living creatures: The ability to target such areas is dependant on specimen having them, as well as overcoming any natural resistance and movements to avoid the bright light through prediction and compensation. Specimens were blinded for a short period, suffering the expected disorientation, with sight returning upon the spells end.

Possible Applications: This spell could possibly be enchanted upon on object which could be thrown or otherwise manipulated to light an area that is currently out of range of available light sources.

Read Magic
Discovery: See Detect Magic Entry.
Pregame Notes: The usage of a prism with this spell is to be investigated, as the possible modification of my bodies current eye lens with such a prism could lead to removing the material component to this spell. Otherwise it has been noted that while the spell may escape from memory upon being cast, the information gleaned from it is kept for as long as the caster is capable of remembering it in the same manner as any piece of information. Specific information on personal use has been recorded below.

Information learned about the amount of pages that could be learned were gained in exchange with another wizard, who wrote non-language items on a piece of paper in magic in exchange for minor compensation. In return, I was able to determine the average ratio of pages read for the current duration at 2.001.

Duration: 20 seconds
Area of Effect: Spell only effects the casters perceptions.

Rodomn's spellbook

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