Rodomn's Attachable Storage Box


A storage box by used by Rodomn to hold this things. The outward surfaces of the box are rectangular metal borders with 4 bolts per side, fitted around perfectly square wooden panels. This box can bolted onto a Modron as an attachment on their preferred side; it is placed precisely 6 inches from either sides edge horizontally, while it is placed 1 foot above the bottom edge of the Rogue Modrons chosen side vertically. There is a simple mechanical lock with a switch in the form of a gear; left locks it, right unlocks it. No further locks are usually necessary due to the box being affixed to the owner.

The current customizations purchased by Rodomn are as follows.

1. A metal slot to hold its spell book, which is mounted vertically on the innermost side, and allows for the book to pulled in and out of the box with relative ease while keeping it safe from jostling and an unnessecary amount of clanking.

2. A smaller box similar to the storage box, with a smaller locking gear to hold currency. It is no bigger than a standard currency pouch.

The box can hold a weight of 100 pounds, while the amount of space contained within is based on a volume of 3×1×1.5 feet.


Rodomn's Attachable Storage Box

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